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Meet Oscar Arias

Oscar’s  aim is to research, create, design and deliver extraordinary learning programs. He firmly believes in transformational learning and provides creative ways for individuals, teams, and organizations to develop through his proprietary process.


Oscar works with leaders at all levels of an organization to build individual and peak performance skills. His learning and development programs are designed to deal with real world changes and leadership challenges. He integrates both formal and informal learning methods that are relevant to their positions and immediately applicable in the work environment.

Oscar’s programs go beyond motivation and skill building; he defines the measurable behaviors that create a learning organization. He cultivates learning leaders who provide in-depth reinforcement mechanisms to include feedback, coaching, mentorship and proven structural changes into an organization’s DNA.

Oscar's Mission

Oscar’s mission is to help you develop your skills, your relationships, your confidence, and your future. His programs will help you reexamine and refine your thinking about what it means to be a growth minded leader. You will ask yourself powerful questions and gain expanded perspective essentials for success at the top. You will leave his programs equipped to thrive in today’s fast-paced, interconnected economy with the tools, insights and frameworks to ignite growth and propel your organization forward.

Oscar promises an unparalleled educational experience marked by immersive, rigorous academics, engaging case studies, and stimulating interaction. He synthesizes experiential and action learning with evidence-based insights and leadership coaching. Personalized assessments, small group workshops and meaningful networking with seasoned peers are integrated into his supportive learning environment.

Oscar has a core set of programs most of his clients take at some point in their careers and he is constantly developing new in-person and digital or virtual programs to support you along your journey. Most of Oscar’s clients take part in a mix of in-person learning, which will include colleagues from around the world, and virtual training, which can teach you about a specific topic or refresh and expand your skills.

Workshops and Training Programs

Oscar has designed over 30 evidence-based training programs that have been proven to produce remarkable, lasting results for individual professionals and organizations in all sectors. Choose the option that’s right for you to learn more now.

Hire Oscar to design a custom program tailored to meet your organization’s unique needs.

Hire Oscar and his team to provide a transformational training program at your location.

Hire Oscar to bring his engaging and thought-provoking talks to your next event.


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To lead others into achieving excellence, you must lead and compel yourself first.
- Oscar Arias