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Have you ever been in the zone? When you tap into your core genius, Where everything was going right for you?
Where time seemed to have stopped for you, you were in full control. You were performing at your absolute best and you had no idea how you did it. It just came right out of you and you were in awe with yourself.
Think about a time in your life when you felt and performed this way? What did you see, what did you hear, what did you say to yourself? How were you moving your body? How deep were your focus and concentration? Did you score 35 pts at that basketball game? Did you Ace that final exam? Did you write a novel in three days? Did you come up with a brilliant business plan or economic model? How was your energy level? I know everyone reading this has had this experience. Some get it once in a blue and others tap into this force every day of their lives! Some experts may refer to this experience as peak performance; others call it a peak state of mind. Today we are going to talk about FLOW.


1-People who have flow know what they have to do.
They know the actions steps and are clear of inner conflict. They know the rules of the game and know how to improve. Like an athlete or coach who’s playing in a regulated game, he or she knows what they must do to win and have multiple ways to accomplish their outcome.

2-They get instant feedback and could immediately change their approach.
These people are aware and know if what they’re doing is getting them closer or farther away from their outcome. To say the least, they measure their results the way sports athletes get instant feedback if they are winning or losing. (Why do you think video games are so addictive, we get immediate feedback and know where we stand at each moment of the game. Some people get their flow through gaming.)

3-Their challenges are matched with the skill of the person.
It’s enjoyable when there is a match between your skills and the activity. If the activity initially seems too hard, it becomes overwhelming and causes distress. If it is too easy, the person gets bored and becomes negligent. ( Some people have jobs that are just overbearing, others have jobs that bore you to death, in either case, the person becomes jaded and never reaches flow. His or Her skills don’t match the job)

4- Find the ability to remain focused and concentrated on what you’re doing.

We are constantly watching and doing something. We could have a series of split attention mechanisms but soon all attention goes to one thing and one area only. You are highly engaged and feel great when you achieved this level of concentration because nothing seems to phase you.

5) When you are in flow, all your worries and problems go away.

When Arnold Schwarzenegger was a professional bodybuilder, he was a great example of someone who mastered flow. The secret to winning all those titles was attributed to his mental power of Focus. This passage about his mental approach is an example. This came from the November issue of Muscle & Fitness, 2007: “Without a doubt, the key was a focus. I really can’t emphasize this enough. If you have big goals in the gym, you must be totally focused on what you want to achieve. When I entered the gym, even though I was thinking about being the greatest bodybuilder that ever lived, ever 24 hours a day, my mindset changed completely. I didn’t think about what I had to do afterward or about any other concerns outside of training. For the hours I was in the gym, training was the only thing that mattered. Think about it: What was worrying about other things going to do for you in the gym? Nothing. You can nothing about them for that period.” Arnold Schwarzenegger

There are two types of escapes, escapes that move you forward and the escapes that move you backward. The consumption of alcohol and drugs or anything that creates a depressing reality is all forms of escaping backward. On the other hand, when you are escaping forwards when you are in flow, you are creating and innovating.

6) You feel that you can be in total control of yourself.
You have certainty. You’re on the edge. They know if they prepare themselves and get a skill, they are able to have more control of themselves.

7- They lose their self-consciousness.
The worst feeling in human experiences arises when you start worrying about what other people think about you. We tend to feel defensive and get distracted by other people’s opinions. But when you flow in your life, you are so involved and so committed to your mission, that one begins to feel a sense of transcendence that rises above the ego.

People who are enjoying this experience are outward focused and feel a sense of contribution. They feel conviction and feel they part of something that matters. Flow occurs when you meet your human needs. As a result of reflecting on the flow experience, your, and confidences increases. You forget about yourself and your ability to make mistakes vanish. When a person returns to their normal experience, you are back to yourself but this time stronger.




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