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Oscar Arias is a Transformational Leadership and Learning Expert who works with organizations, universities, an emerging entrepreneurs to release their full potential through peak performance and human development technologies. He is a highly sought after Learning and Development Consultant and holds a Masters in Organizational Learning and Leadership with a focus on Transformative and Positive Learning Systems.

He has traveled to 834+ cities in the United States and conducted more than 3,000 workshops and seminars in eight countries. Witnessing first-hand the disastrous effects of poor leadership, and the phenomenal success that follows excellent leadership has inspired him to dedicate his life to developing high commitment and peak performance teams.

With every endeavor, Oscar pulls from his extensive educational background, experience working as a Peak Performance Strategist for Tony Robbins, and working with over 65 Corporate Universities. He has become a driving force of change for Fortune 500 companies, executives, sales managers, and entrepreneurs in the areas of peak performance leadership, organizational behavior, and self-leadership.

Through his Train the Trainer and Coaching Certifications, curated educational series, corporate trainings, and leadership development coaching program, he excels in teaching others how to dominate an apex business mindset while simultaneously elevating teams.

When he’s not researching new methodologies or pursuing his Doctorate at the University of Pennsylvania, you can find him facilitating one of his custom-designed transformational workshops to individuals and organizations across South Florida and internationally.

Transformational Leadership & Learning Expert


To lead others into achieving excellence, you must lead and compel yourself first.”