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Thinking impossible thoughts and acting upon them takes great courage and perseverance.” -

Oscar is known as a prolific and strategic learning systems designer. His programs have provided clients with a consistent ROI of over 300%. He and his team will build custom programs that fit your organization’s unique context and learning objectives and effectively transform your team of leaders and managers. 

Oscar will work with you and your organization to achieve sustainable results that shape a learning culture and increase stakeholder engagement.

His evidence-based programs integrate with your organizational strategy and business model, and are all currently available for licensing or exclusivity. He and his team offer diverse programs related to the following strategic themes:

  • Sales Enablement
  • Cultivating a Customer Centric Environment
  • Negotiating Systemic Partnerships
  • Transformative Leadership Development
  • Developing High Performance, High Commitment Teams
  • Transformational Train the Trainer
  • Management into Leadership
  • Cultivating Learning Agility

To learn more about Oscar’s curated program design or licensing one of his programs for your organization, please complete the contact form below.

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